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Feb. 9

The sled dog weekend and pond hockey are in the books--this weekend brings the Radar Run and Blizzard Blast. The snowmobile trails are in excellent shape. Cold temps, fresh snow, and nightly grooming have made Land O Lakes the place to be for the Top Trails at the Top of Wisconsin. Flags have been flying--the pike have been on a feeding frenzy. Panfish has been tougher. A little slush on the lakes but not too bad and the current cold snap should take care of that. Ski hills and trails are excellent as well. No time to rest as there is winter fun everywhere.

 Feb. 3

We received about 5 inches of white stuff last night and still snowing. Snow predicted every day thru Monday. Snowmobile and ski trails are in excellent shape. The forecast temps are excellent also. May be starting to get some slush on the lakes..I will go out there when done shoveling to check it out. Sled Dog races and Pond Hockey this weekend. Radar Run next weekend so lots of stuff to do.

Jan 29

Snow, Snow, Snow! This has been an excellent week for winter fun as we have received snow every day and more in the forecast. Snowmobile trails are excellent and the lakes are great. Still no slush and you can move around to find the fish. All ski trails are in excellent condition as well.

Jan 24

We keep getting a little snow each day but never a big amount. I just returned from New York City and they got 26+ inches in 1 day shutting down the city.  That would be welcomed here. The weather forecast is for good temps with chances of snow so life is good for outdoor recreation in Land O Lakes.

Jan 19

BRRRR! It has been COLD but the forecast is for temperatures to warm into the teens and twenties for highs beginning tomorrow. We keep getting a little more snow each day but no major dumps in our forecast. We have the perfect mix of enough snow for snowmobiling but not too much for the ice fishermen to move around the lake.

Jan 15

Another couple of inches of snow and regular grooming has made the trails very good. The lakes are frozen hard and Lac Vieux Desert is marked. Supposed to be winter like weather the next few days.

Jan 13

Another cold day and night -11 at 8 AM and another inch of snow. Groomers are out regularly in Watersmeet, Phelps, Conover, and Land O Lakes. Trails are looking pretty good.

  Jan 12

Snowy and Cold--PERFECT! An excellent forecast with a nice weekend predicted. Great weekend to enjoy outdoor winter activities.

Jan 9

We received 3-4 inches of wet heavy snow the past 2 days and colder temps are finally here. Should be good for making ice and some lake effect snow! Winter enthusiasts should be in for good conditions for the first time all winter.

January 7

John Dee is predicting SNOW and COLD. We are getting antsy...let it arrive soon! Groomers are parked til we get some more snow.

January 3

20 degrees and snowing. Cold and snow in the forecast so it looks like lakes, trails, and hills will all be improving as the week goes on. About time. I hope I don't have to turn off the Packer game at half time and go riding like last week.

January 1, 2016

We did receive another 2 inches of snow overnight. The light fluffy variety. Temps are in the teens. Looks and feels like winter in the Northwoods. We rode some yesterday. The trails are not great... but they are open and rideable. They tried to groom last night but not sure how much they were able to do. Forest roads and back trails are good but the high traffic trails need some snow!

A dreary misty start to the day with 32 degrees. The mist is supposed to turn to snow as the day continues.There is hope as today is the last above 32 degree in the forecast and SNOW is predicted for 7 of the next 10 dayss.



Feb 9

Winter at its best for snowmobiling, icefishing, and skiing.

Jan 29

It does not get any better than this for snowmobiling, ice fishing, or skiing so get up here!

Jan 24

Trails are good around here and to the North and West. The snow is a little less as you go East and South but still rideable. The ice is good for snowmobilers and ice fishermen. The anglers can drive a snowmobile, 4 wheeler, or truck without worrying about getting stuck in the snow or slush. The fish are biting--especially the pike.

 Jan 19

Snowmobile trails are being groomed on a regular basis and things are in great shape. Swamps are froze, lakes are marked, trails are white and smooth! West and north received 6-10 inches of snow over the weekend so they are in excellent shape as well. There is enough snow to ride in any direction. Lac Vieux Desert is marked from Sunrise to Thunder Bay and we have seen trucks driving around the lake as well. Not too much snow or slush on the lake so ice fishermen can move around easily. Phelps Lions Club ice fishing tourney Saturday will keep the lake hopping.

Jan 15

Trails are being groomed regularly by all clubs in LOL, Conover, Phelps, and Watersmeet. You can ride any direction with north and west being a little better.  Lac Vieux Desert and the Cisco Chain are marked with barrels and safe to ride. Easy moving around the lake for ice fishermen and slush is no where to be found. Ski hills and trails are in excellent shape.

Jan 12

Making ice, snowing everyday, and cold---about time. Ice fishing has been good and the ice is safe for snowmobiles and 4 wheelers. I know we will see trucks out there this weekend but it will not be my truck. Northern and walleyes on tip ups with chubs and bluegils and crappies on waxies has been effective. I have snowmobiled close to 250 miles the last 2 days with Dug, and Joe and the trails are improving in a hurry. We did both local Vilas County trails and a big UP loop and most trails are in good shape---still need more snow to fill in the big ruts in the swamps. Grooming is ongoing all around the Northwoods and I am always smiling when a groomer passes by! Cross Country and Downhill ski trails are in great shape.

Jan. 9

A couple of 5 gallon buckets of fish guts in the fish Jan. 3

Just cleaned about 100 pounds of fish guts out of the heated fish house so somebody is catching quite a few walleyes, northerns, perch, gills, and crappies. Snowmobile trails are improving.....the forest roads are excellent. Cross country and downhill ski areas are happy to see the snow and cold as well. The derby track is making snow and ice for the snowmobile derby. Nice to see all the activity in our area.

Bear, deer bow and grouse hunt seasons have begun and other seasons will start soon.


                                                           The 2015 fishing season. 2016 is underway and more pics to follow soon.

Dave Lemon and his 19" & 25" opening day Walleye. May 1, 2015   6 lb 28 1/2 inch caught June 23, 2014 by Randy Hile

   Dean Nicolo - May 16 2014  May 17, 2014 - Dean & Dennis Johnson with 24 and 27" walleyes  

Teresa's 1st Walleye 27 inch 7.2 lb in May 2014      Rocky's walleye caught June 6, 2014
Nice Bass are being caught too.

Geri Feld'd bass caught May 29, 2014   Jeff Williams bass caught May 30, 2014

Northern and Musky aren't too shabby either.

Jeff Branan's 38 inch northern caught May, 2014   Troy Wagner's 46 inch Tiger Musky caught June 7, 2014         

Panfish too!                                              


  John Brust has the start of a good fish fry with Crappies caught in June, 2015 

Musky picture taken by Tom Kostuch on Sept 24, 2012


No husband has ever been shot while doing the dishes 

PHIL's Sports Report

No Packers, Brewers, or Bucks...Go Badgers

The Packers specialize in Hail Mary's! Great game ---bad outcome. There is always next I sound like a Cubs fan.

Go Pack Go!


Augie - Here is that picture of you wearing a Packer shirt....again and again!
It isn't easy being green.

Land O' Lakes Wisconsin resort vacation cabin rentals at Sunrise Lodge Resort on Lac Vieux Desert. Land O' Lakes Wisconsin fishing, hunting and snowmobile vacations and resort cabin rentals in Vilas County near beautiful Land O' Lakes Wisconsin. Land O' Lakes Wisconsin resort vacation cabin rentals at Sunrise Lodge Resort on Lac Vieux Desert. Land O' Lakes Wisconsin fishing, hunting and snowmobile vacations and resort cabin rentals in Vilas County near beautiful Land O' Lakes Wisconsin.

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Land O' Lakes Wisconsin resort vacation cabin rentals at Sunrise Lodge Resort on Lac Vieux Desert. Land O' Lakes Wisconsin fishing, hunting and snowmobile vacations and resort cabin rentals in Vilas County near beautiful Land O' Lakes Wisconsin.