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Feb. 15

It is currently 12 degrees with snow coming down. Thursday a high of 30 and low of 10 and then 40's predicted for 4 straight days. Bad news for snowmobile trails but GREAT NEWS for people that want to get out to the Radar and Bikini  Run or Blizzard Blast on Saturday. Ice Fishermen will be loving it and sun screen may be needed.

Feb 11

The weather and the snow are perfect for some fun in the snow. Snowmobile trails are in great can travel in any direction. The ice fishermen are still able to maneuver around the lake but it there is quite a bit of snow.
Cross Country ski trails are in great shape. Downhill skiing, snow shoeing, radar runs, pond hockey, fishing tournaments, etc.......

Feb. 4

Sled Dog Race Weekend in Land O Lakes. Currently -5 Degrees but is supposed to get up in the 20's with a couple of inches of snow. PERFECT! Tuesday has a few more inches of snow in the forecast with temps in the 20's. The ten day forecast is EXCELLENT as well.

February 1

We got some snow yesterday and we have some snow flurries as I type. We have some winter weather like temps on the way, nothing warmer than 20s above and we got lows in single digits and a couple nights below 0. Looking like a great weekend to enjoy some great snowmobile riding and hopefully another good weekend of ice fishing!

January 30

Snow is on the way....3-8 inches depending on who you believe. Ideal winter temps also. Highs in the 20's and lows in the single digits. I spent the weekend snowmobiling with Dan Wagner, Mark, and Joe. Trails were very good except for south of Conover where the heavy traffic was. From Bond Falls to Maple View, Dublins, Club 45, Black Oak the trails were nice and this new snow should set us up for a GREAT weekend.

January 27

Temps around 20-25 for the next 5 days with chances of snow daily. Winter is Back! The snowmobile trails are in decent shape. I took a ride yesterday and Phelps and Conover were in good condition and Land O Lakes was fair close to town and good in the woods. Today I will venture North and see what we see.

January 25

Winterish weather has returned. Current temp is 26 and nothing over 30 in the 5 day forecast. Has been snowing off and on all day but not adding up to much--still better than the foggy gloom we had the past week. We are serving breakfast Thursday-Sunday this week so stop by for the awesome bakers surprise and see if you can eat more French Toast than Randy Remus (20 slices).

January 24

Well we had a warm up and yes had some rain which didn't help matters. Good news is, we have snow in the forecast for the next couple days Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday they are calling for a chance of snow. So everyone do a favor and pray for SNOW!

January 16

A beautiful weekend in the Northwoods. The snow was great for snowmobiling and skiing but the fish forgot to bite.  I guess that will save more for the next time. It looks like a warm up with highs in the 30's for the next week or so. Better than the -28 Friday morning but don't want the trails to take a beating.

January 11

WOW talk about snow, we got around 8-10 inches and its still coming down! Next couple days we are suppose to see real COLD temps again. The trails are in great condition and we had some skiers over the weekend and they said that skiing was excellent! The ice on the lakes is in good condition however looking to ice fish you may want to have a snowmobile with you to make traveling a little bit easier.

January 9

The deep freeze is over and we received a couple of inches of fresh snow. The forecast looks excellent for the upcoming MLK Holiday weekend. 4-6 inches of snow forecast between now and Tuesday. Lakes are in good shape for travel by sled, 4 wheeler, and even have seen some vehicles. No slush to speak of. The lake is marked with barrels.

January 3

Sounds like this is the last warm day for a while--single digit highs for the next 3 days at least. We received a little less than an inch of snow last night--I was hoping for 3 -4....but.  Trail 6 is kinda beat up but other lesser traveled trails in Conover, Phelps, Presqu Isle, and the UP are in good shape. Some slush on the lakes but not terrible. The cold snap should help. The new wet snow makes it look like a winter wonderland outside with 12-15 inches of snow on the ground and a coating on the trees.

January 2


Snowmobile and ski trails are in very good condition. The ice fishermen have been reporting walleyes, northerns, crappies and bluegills.  We have space for you this week and weekend so come on up!

December 30

IDEAL winter fun conditions. Snowing, temps around 20 degrees, fish biting.....Awesome! There is snow and good temps in the forecast thru the middle of next week so if you are an outdoor enthusiast make plans today!

December 26

We had some weird weather yesterday and this morning---it ended up being a couple inches of sleet like snow when all is said and done. Supposed to get colder and windy as the day goes on. Weather forecast for the week looks good with temps in the 20s for highs and teens for lows and chances for snow every day. Looks like things are shaping up for a nice week of winter fun!

December 25


It looks like the warm up and rain is all going to stay south of us!!!!!Lac Vieux Desert is marked with barrels from Thunder Bay to the West Shore landing and Sunrise. Between 8 and 12 inches everywhere we drilled except for in front of Hillside where there is less. Snowmobile trails are in fair to good shape, ski trails are in good shape----time to enjoy some winter fun in the Northwoods.

December 19

Looks like the DEEP FREEZE is over for a while. Only 2 cabins froze up. Temps in the 20's for the next few days with a chance of snow  Tuesday. People have been out on most of the area lakes by foot with a few snowmobile and 4 wheeler tracks spotted at the landings.  Snowmobile trails are being groomed as traffic warrants. Not many people out there as of yet. They are in pretty good shape but as I always say we could use more snow. Time to make plans for snowmobiling, ice fishing, skiing, snowshoeing,etc.......Sunrise will be serving breakfast dauly during the holidays!

December 15


 Frosty and Phelps have sent the groomers out except for the swamps.
The COLD spell is freezing swamps and making ice on the lakes.
More snow is in the forecast for Friday and Saturday so this is going to be a most excellent opener.

There have been a few ice fishermen spotted on local lakes. Walking only....but it won't be long.

December 13

Wow, what a change in weather but it is working out in our favor.
Looking like in the forecast that we have high's in single digits above zero and the lows in single digits below zero.
Looking like some snow in the forecast in the next couple of days.

December 8

What a difference a couple of days make.The lake is now frozen over and white stuff coats the ground.
 It will not be long now until we see winter activities rolling.
Ice fishing and snowmobiling are just around the corner as it forecast to be COLD and chances of snow every day.
I am going to get the cross country ski's out for a little practice run this morning.
Sunrise is hosting hte Snowmobile Club Benefit Breakfast this weekend--hope to see you there Saturday or Sunday 

Dec. 6 

It is finally cooling off with highs in the 20s for the next 10 days and lows close to 0. Currently a couple of inches of snow on the ground and snowing. The Wisconsin snowmobile trails officially open December 12 but we some fast cooperation from Mother Nature. The boys have had all the sleds out but they may have been jumping the gun a little bit. No ice on the lake as of now. We had some last week but it has since melted. This week should start making ice. Hopefully winter fun will start SOON!

November 2

What a beautiful forecast for the next 5 days--Highs in the 50's and 60's with plentiful sunshine. Sunrise is serving breakfast only Friday, Saturday and Sunday so we can get out and enjoy this awesome fall weather. The muskies and nice perch seem to be loving the weather as they have been active, Hope to see you  this weekend.

October 25

Sunny and mid 40's----Feels like fall. Wednesday rain but the weekend looks good. Leaves are mostly off the trees. The golds of the tamarack's and the oaks are still beautiful. The north dock is out of the water but we will leave the main dock in for a while yet. Join us for Breakfast Friday, Saturday, and Sundays. Serving daily during deer season and Thanksgiving week. Don't forget to make plans for the Thanksgiving Day Feast at Sunrise---served Noon to 5.

October 19

Another spectacular day in the northwoods. Only 4 more days til Sunrise stops serving lunch and dinner. Still opening for the weekend and the Sun is supposed to be shining.  Breakfast only after Sunday!

October 13

A nice cool dry day. We had some snow flurries yesterday and Fall is definitely here. Columbus Day weekend was beautiful with sunny skies and beautiful colors. The Phelps Musky tournament was a huge success as a 48 inch tiger from Lac Vieux Desert won the tourney with a 47 incher from North Twin taking second, and 2 46 inchers from Big Sand and Lac Vieux Desert taking third.  Lookis like a great weekend ahead if you love fall like I do. We are still serving 3 meals daily thru next weekend and hope to see you.

September 26

Today was the first day that felt like fall--the yucky kind of weather. Cold, windy, and rainy. The good news is the forecast is calling for great weather later this week and next weekend.  Join us for Cranberryfest, beautiful fall colors, fall fishing, grouse and bowhunting, duck and goose hunting, hiking, get the idea. So much to do and not enough time to do it if you don't get started today! Still a few cabins open for the weekend with more options during the week.



February 11

The fish have been biting. Northerns and crappies around the islands, gills galore in Rice Bay, The flags were flying on the west shore yesterday with mostly pike. Snowmobile trails are in VERY GOOD Condition. We have had quite a few cross country skiers and snowshoers enjoying the snow and the beautiful winter scenery. Looks like a few more weeks of top notch winter fun!

 February 4

Been out riding and all trails are excellent. Life is good. Heavy traffic this weekend but the groomers are out in force. The ice fishermen have been doing well on Northern, crappies, bluegills, and even some nice walleyes. Ski Hills and trails are excellent as well. Winter Fun everywhere.

February 1

Phil was out riding the trails all along Phelps, Eagle River, Alvin and Nelma and said they are great riding, this should make all the snowmobilers happy as well. Lake is in good shape no slush reported recently. Trails are good shape come up and enjoy a nice ride this weekend :)

January 30

The Lions Club Fishing tourney was a huge success as the weather cooperated as well as the fish. One of the Sunrise guests won for biggest fish--some very nice walleyes, northerns in the 30 inch range, crappies and bluegills. The lake is in great shape for trucks, sleds, or 4 wheelers as there is little to no slush at present. All grooming organizations are out grooming and trails are in good condition--some even better. Hope to see you here this week and go for a ride!

 January 25

The groomers are going out today to flatten/repair the trails. I have seen quite a few sleds around and most report decent conditions in the woods. Roads/road crossings are shot, corners not much better. Joe and I will take a ride tonite ---it always looks better in the dark. The lake has slush on it but you can drive trucks, 4 wheelers, and sleds.  The warm up really settled the snow so conditions are not that bad. The Lions Club Fishing tourney is Saturday--for more info call me at 1800-221-9689. The ski hills and cross country trails are in good shape so winter fun is here.

January 23

With the warm up and the rain the trails took a beating. The ground here is still covered in snow. The lake does have slush on it, however yesterday we saw some vehicles driving out on the lake. The fishing was good leading into this past weekend and some guests said they were catching them over the weekend as well! 

January 9

Snowmobile trails are in excellent shape. The 4 local clubs have been out grooming and the recent cold snap firmed them up. With the new snow this is the time to ride. A ton of snow north of Kenton/Sidnaw in the UP. Joe and I rode to Bond Falls Sat nd it is definitely woth the trip in the winter. Ski trails and hils are excellent as well. Not much to report regarding fishing as it was SO COLD this weekend there were not many fishermen out. That will change as we have several groups checking in today and all week.

December 26

Snowmobile trails are groomed and in fair to excellent shape--depending on the section of trail and the time of day. There is between 8 and 12 inches of ice on Lac Vieux Desert everywhere we drilled----not by the river outlet. Area Cross Country and Downhill ski trails are ready and waiting.

December 19

There is enough ice for fishing--4-6 inches have been the most common reports and that was before yesterdays bitter cold.December 13

Well now that winter has arrived we have some exciting news to share. The lakes are completely froze over now, the snowmobile trails in Vilas county are scheduled to open at noon on Thursday December 15. Downhill ski slopes are open and we know of some ice fishing going on already in some of the bays around. Hunting is pretty much over now and we are on to all the fun in the snow!

Dec. 6

Winter is off to a slow start but late fall musky fishing was excellent---suckers were the bait of choice. Still seeing some grouse out there. congratulations to Kayla as she shot her first deer. Hopefully more winter fun to report soon.

October 25

I am up to 5 grouse for the season--approaching a record for me. DUG and Manny are on the board but Joe is stuck at 0. Nice perch have been hitting in the bullrushes on plactics and crawlers. Musky action is still good. Water level is still high and the water temp was 47 yesterday afternoon--I am sure colder after the 25 degrees last night. Not hearing too many shots from the duck hunters the past few mornings.

October 13

Work on the Frosty Snowmobile trails has started and snow flurries were in the air. Manny and I got a couple of grouse and our other hunters are seeing quite a few birds.  Bow hunting is in full swing but MUSKY FISHING  is KING right now. 13 fish over 40 inches caught in LVD last weekend---equally split between suckers and casting. Water temps are down to the low 50's--cooler in the morning as it has been in the 20's most mornings.

September 26

I watched the DNR plant 30000 7 inch walleyes on the west shore and they said there were more to come!---great news.  I finally went fishing Friday as I was inspired by Dan Goldberg and the Baltimore Boys. Caught Bass, crappies, nice perch, and bluegills in my short time on the water.  Crappies can be caught off dock on calm evenings. Water temp is 63 degrees and level is good to high. We had a group of bear hunters and 7 out of 12 of the group got a bear. Heard shooting in the mornings--Duck and goose seasons opened Saturday. Grouse and bow hunting for deer are open--Have not gone for a walk in the woods looking for birds yet.

Sept. 12

The Eckdahl group really did well fishing over the weekend with muskies, northerns (up to 36 inches), walleyes and some jumbo perch. They used the guide services of Jim Plunkett and Matt Ebert. Fall is a great time to spend a day on the water and a guide greatly increases your chances of catching fish. We have our first bear hunter of the year up right now. Seeing bears but waiting for the big one. Small game and bow season opens Saturday. Duck season is right around the corner. It has been a wet some of this moisture for white gold snowmobile season. Join the Frosty Club and save money on trail passes and go on our club rides with us...we would love to have you join us.









Life is good---remember the alternative!


PHIL's Sports Report

The Packer season is over....a great run. Time to cheer on the Bucks, Badgers, Marquette, and Northland Pines Eagles.

Augie and looks like your favorite part of the Bears season is upon us---the off season.

The Miller Lite will be tasty and Augie looks good in Packer Green.


Augie - Here is that picture of you wearing a Packer shirt....again and again!
It isn't easy being green.

Land O' Lakes Wisconsin resort vacation cabin rentals at Sunrise Lodge Resort on Lac Vieux Desert. Land O' Lakes Wisconsin fishing, hunting and snowmobile vacations and resort cabin rentals in Vilas County near beautiful Land O' Lakes Wisconsin. Land O' Lakes Wisconsin resort vacation cabin rentals at Sunrise Lodge Resort on Lac Vieux Desert. Land O' Lakes Wisconsin fishing, hunting and snowmobile vacations and resort cabin rentals in Vilas County near beautiful Land O' Lakes Wisconsin.

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Land O' Lakes Wisconsin resort vacation cabin rentals at Sunrise Lodge Resort on Lac Vieux Desert. Land O' Lakes Wisconsin fishing, hunting and snowmobile vacations and resort cabin rentals in Vilas County near beautiful Land O' Lakes Wisconsin.