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February 6

Winter is in full swing in the Northwoods. Sled Dog races, radar runs, pond hockey, ice fishing, snowmobiling, much to do in the beautiful outdoors. Temps are in the low teens for highs and below 0 for lows with a slight warm up heading into the weekend and next week. Ice fishing has been fantastic and the snowmobile trails have been busy and are in Great shape.

January 29

 12 degrees and light snow--beautiful winter weather. Wednesday may hit 30 but the rest of the 10 day forecast calls for highs in the teens and lows just above 0. Some snow Tuesday and Wednesday if you believe the weather man so looks like excellent winter fun conditions will stick around for a while. 3 Bear Sled dog races this weekend and the Frosty Club Radar Run at Bent's Camp and the Blizzard Blast Presidents Weekend.

January 27

Yesterday was 37 degrees and now 32 degrees with the sun out. Ice fishermen love it snowmobilers are anxious for the clouds and colder weather to roll in this afternoon.  Colder temps and some more snow in the forecast for this week so things are looking good. The Lions Club ice fishing jamboree is today and they could not ask for better weather. Serving Breakfast Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings so stop in for a yummy Bakers Surprise and All U Can Eat Waffles, Pancakes, and French Toast.

 January 23

We received about 12 inches of white gold and the current temp is 20 degrees----PERFECT.  A little warmer for the weekend and then normal temps in the forecast again. Snowmobile trails are flat with lots of powder on top. The ice fishermen just nailed the fish last weekend but lake travel is going to be getting more difficult. I would recommend a snowmobile. Ski trails are AWESOME. Get your butts up here for some winter fun.

January 20

A beautiful weekend with temps in the low 30's. Snowmobilers are happy, ice fishermen are happy (there is some slush developing), skiers are happy......Life is good for winter fun in Land O Lakes and at Sunrise Lodge.  Snow is in the forecast with perfect winter temps with highs in the 20's and lows above 0.

January 16

PERFECT winter weather conditions. 8 inches of new snow the past few days and snow conditions have not been better n a few years. The 30 below 0 mornings last weekend are a thing of the past and highs in the 20's and 30's in the forecast for the next 5 days. Been out riding with Bill Mildice, Dan Wagner, Mark, Dug, Manny, and Joe the past week and the trails keep getting better and better.  Worlds Championship Snowmobile Derby this weekend. We are serving breakfast Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings so get outside and enjoy.


It has been snowing since 8 am and we have picked up a few inches of wet heavy snow and colder weather is on its way. Just what the snowmobile and ski trails needed. Gonna be a cold weekend but the trails should be in good shape. We still have a little room so play today and work next week.

Jan 7

A beautiful 23 degree day. Went riding today across LVD, hit some forest roads, small UP lakes---making the first tracks on a couple-- and hit trail 107 to Kenton, sidnaw, Rosseau, back down to Watersmeet, Land O Lakes, and home. 150 sweet miles and Joe and I even saw a Badger on the trail--his first ever. Beware there is a Grateful Dead sled on the trails being piloted by none other than Bill Mildice! The ice fishermen had a great weekend with limits of pike and walleyes being reported. You can drive any type of vehicle pretty much anywhere you wish on the lake. One group even complained their pike were too big for pickling--such problems!

  Jan 3, 2018

COLD, Cold, Cold has described the weather during the Holidays. Looks like some moderation and maybe even 20 degrees for Sunday and Monday. We have received about 2 inches of fresh white gold so things are looking good. Ice Fishing, Snowmobiling, Skiing, Relaxing are all I full swing.

Ice Fishing has December23

A Cold forecast for the next 10 days......but it is winter so that is Excellent News. All Vilas County Snowmobile trail systems are open and being groomed. Lakes are freezing up nicely. I skied the Phelps Cross Country trail yesterday and it was in good shape. SkiBrule, Indianhead, and the rest of the downhill ski areas are open. Dress warm and enjoy winter in the Northwoods. Sunrise is serving breakfast every day during the holidays. (closed Christmas Day)

December 21

Another 3-4 inches of white gold is on the ground and coating the trees. Snowmobile and ski trails are good and the lake ice on LVD is solid and marked with barrels to Thunder Bay! This is shaping up to be the best Holiday Season in Years ---if you like winter weather. Some big time cold predicted for Monday, Tuesday and then more normal temps. We have lots of snow, solid ice and Sunrise is serving Breakfast every day for 2 weeks starting tomorrow!!!! ome on up and say Merry Christmas!!!

December 17

Trails are open and the lake is marked. Outdoor activities are in full swing. Ice fishing, snowmobiling, skiing, walking, much to do and so little time. The forecast looks excellent for snow play during the holidays!

December 12

We have SNOW friends, trucks on the lake not ours but nonetheless vehicles on the lake. We have seen ice fishermen out there. Our dear friend, Pop, has caught some northern out here. The snowmobile trails have passed inspection, they are getting prepared to mark the lake this weekend. We have our annual Snowmobile benefit breakfast to help raise money for the trails this upcoming Saturday and Sunday (December 16 and 17) hope to see you all here for it at least one of the mornings if not both. GO FROSTY CLUB!! Again, look forward to having you all with us this upcoming weekend to support the local snowmobile trails. Be safe out there everyone and we can all start to enjoy the wonderful winter sports Northern Wisconsin has to offer to us all!

December 4

The weather is changing----COLD and some Snow in the forecast. 

December 3

Another warm day. The winter weather is supposed to return Tuesday with highs only close to 20 for the next week. We had some ice fishermen staying at the resort this weekend and saw several other groups out there. Ice Fishing time is here---snowmobiling and skiing not so much.

December 1st

The ice is on the lake but there is little to no snow on the ground.
Cold and snow starting next week according to the weather man.
Can't come soon enough for me. 

November 16

I walked out to the weeds today and did not get wet so it will not be long until ice fishing is underway.
The forecast is winter like for the next 10 days. 

November 8

Cold, brisk morning this morning from Sunrise Lodge. We have ICE forming on the lake yes friends winter is approaching and fast! Next 5 days the forecast the high's average to high 20's to low 30's and the lows average high teens to the low 20's. Ground is beginning to freeze now we just need a ground covering of snow. Pray to the snow gods to bring us some good snow and snow that will stay! Be sure to come up to enjoy our traditional Thanksgiving dinner with us! We hope to have you with us soon at Sunrise Lodge!!


October 26

Nice cool morning and a beautiful sunrise overlooking Lac Vieux Desert this morning from Sunrise Lodge.
Looks like winter weather is approaching us.
We have SNOW in the forecast for the next 5 days. Calling for some colder weather, mid to high 30's.
Perfect for the snow to start flying.
Sunrise Lodge is finished serving 3 meals a day for the year, but no need to fear, we still serve our wonderful Breakfast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings.
We will also serve breakfast other days during the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays! 
We hope to have you join us soon!

October 16

Spectacular weather in the forecast thru the weekend---Highs approaching 70 and sunny skies. The fall colors are still beautiful, the fish are biting and Sunrise Lodge is serving 3 meals daily until Sunday so 1 last weekend to come up and visit Sunrise in all its splendor. We hope to see you soon.
Sunrise will be serving Breakfast every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday plus other days during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays!
Make plans to visit us during the Thanksgiving week and enjoy the quaint shops, planned activities, and of course a FABULOUS THANKSGIVING FEAST!

October 3

Colors are pretty awesome is great, fishing is spectacular,  time to escape to the Northwoods for a few days of Rest and Relaxation before the snow flies.

September 30

A beautiful 3 day weather forecast with highs in the 60's and plentiful sunshine! It was 28 degrees this morning so awesome fall weather. 
Highway K from Phelps to Sayner has pretty color--some roads are still green so this next couple of weeks should provide plenty of opportunities for color viewing.
We still have room for you at Sunrise so jump in your car and visit us.

September 26

The summer weather has come to an end---the longest warm stretch of the season was in mid to late September.
Highs in the 60's for the next 10 days so much more seasonable. Time to get in the woods or on the lakes and enjoy fall beauty.

September 17

Awesome September weather continues as highs in the 70's thru the weekend. Fishing is still good and the weeds are going down.
Bear, Deer(bow), and  Grouse seasons are all underway.
Local communities are having Colorama celebrations the next few weeks so make plans today to
join us for a Fall Getaway!
Some trees are bright red and
leaves are falling while some are still green and have not started to change.



February 6

Ice fishing is excellent with northern pike being the most aggressive but some walleyes, nice perch, bluegill, and crappies are being caught as well. Mark and Martha did battle with a nice musky yesterday but the musky won. The White's had the best luck ever on their fishing trip last weekend. You can get stuck out there with a truck or 4 wheeler but slush is minimal and moving around , especially by snowmobile, is not too bad. The snowmobile trails are in excellent condition and you can take off from Sunrise and go in any direction. Ski trails are being groomed and in excellent shape as well.


There is some slush out there on the lake but we did see trucks driving around. I would recommend a snowmobile if you have one. Another busy weekend on the lake and in the fish house. It seemed that northerns and nice perch were the fish being caught the most. It seems the west shore is the hot spot, but there were people off the south shore holes, and around the islands. Only 4 more weekends in the game fishing season. Snowmobile trails did experience some melting on Friday but the groomers have been out reparing the damage. SLOW DOWN as there is a lot of icy corners out there.

January 20

Frosty Club snowmobile trails are in Excellent shape. The warm up and heavy weekend traffic did not do much damage. Snow is in the forecast so the next few weeks look to be excellent snow and trail conditions. Steve and his crew limited out on bluegills and northerns. Tony and Carl had their basketball team out fishing Friday and the pike action was fast and furious. Dave and his brother in law caught their limit in 2 hours---first time either one has been on the lake.  I think the fish even like the warmer weather. Starting to see some slush and if we get the heavy snow Monday we may see more. We will keep you posted.

 January 16

Hats off to the Frosty Club and other area snowmobile trail groomer as the trails in Land O Lakes have never been better. Starting to get  quite a bit of snow on the lake but have not heard about much slush. Keep your fingers crossed. Lions Club Fisheree Jan 27---call us for details!!

Jan 11

Frosty Club trails are in good to very good shape. This wet snow should freeze up some of those pesky rocks that were loose on the grades up north. I have been out a bunch and have not hit any trails that were terrible---but I have not gone too far south. Downhill and Cross Country ski trails are excellent. The fishing on the west shore for pike and an occasional walleye has been solid. Dan Wagner and crew are going to explore by the islands today.

January 3

Snowmobile trails are all open and being groomed daily. We could use some more snow but a snowmobiler NEVER has enough snow. Manny, Leo and I went riding to Conover and Land O Lakes yesterday Ice fishing has been excellent. People are driving out there with trucks, 4 wheelers, snowmobiles,.... slush is almost non existent. The cross country ski trails and down hill ski areas are in great shape as well.

December 17

Trails are open for snowmobiling in Vilas County and Michigan's UP. Ice fishing is going strong. The lake has barrels marking the safe routes. Downhill  and cross country ski areas are open.

There are trucks, 4 wheelers, October 26

All the boats are coming out of the water today. The weather forecast for the next 5 days is not good and it sure doesn't pay to keep the boats in the water when the snow starts to fly.

October 16

The north dock will be coming out this week---may as well take advantage of the beautiful weather. The south dock will remain in until ice starts to form. We still have rental boats and pontoons in the water. Musky time is here and should continue to improve with the water temps dropping. Water levels are high. Nice perch and solid pike are biting as well. Have not heard of much grouse success--I think the wet spring may have hurt the numbers. Tried brushing snowmobile trails Sunday but many are under water and extremely muddy.

 October 3

Muskies, Northerns, and Bass....oh my! Fishing is good--no sucker bite for the musky yet as the water temp is about 60 degrees.

September 30

I finally purchased my small game license so watch out grouse this afternoon. I heard some shooting over the lake the past few mornings so the ducks must be starting to fly. The water temp is in the low 60's. Not much luck on suckers the past few days but nice sized northerns, perch, and crappies have been cooperative. Lake level is still high. The next few weeks should be good fishing for all species.

September 26

The muskies were on a tear last week as I know of 8 over 45 inches all caught and released. Crappies and bass are still active. Some very nice baskets of perch brought in and Ed had good luck on nice Northerns---so Fall Fishing is good. Water levels are fantastic and the water temps are in the upper 60's---10 degrees warmer that 2 weeks ago. Time to think about brushing the snowmobile trails while carrying a shotgun in 1 hand and a chainsaw in the other.

September 17

Nice perch, nice northerns, and lots of bass have been the headliners this week. Some musky action but nothing consistent yet. I did watch the DNR plant 450 muskies in the lake last week. Have not had a chance to chase the grouse yet but will get out there soon. Bow Season for deer as well as Bear Season is underway. Have been seeing a lot of ATVers and UTVers out enjoying the trails and fall colors. Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year.











If you lend someone $20, and you never see that person again, it was probably worth it.

PHIL's Sports Report

Fly Eagle Fly! Next Year is the Packers or Bears turn.

 Think BREWERS....World Series Champs. If the Cubs can do it why not.

Thanks Bears!  The Miller Lite will be tasty and Augie looks good in Packer Green.


Land O' Lakes Wisconsin resort vacation cabin rentals at Sunrise Lodge Resort on Lac Vieux Desert. Land O' Lakes Wisconsin fishing, hunting and snowmobile vacations and resort cabin rentals in Vilas County near beautiful Land O' Lakes Wisconsin. Land O' Lakes Wisconsin resort vacation cabin rentals at Sunrise Lodge Resort on Lac Vieux Desert. Land O' Lakes Wisconsin fishing, hunting and snowmobile vacations and resort cabin rentals in Vilas County near beautiful Land O' Lakes Wisconsin.

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Land O' Lakes Wisconsin resort vacation cabin rentals at Sunrise Lodge Resort on Lac Vieux Desert. Land O' Lakes Wisconsin fishing, hunting and snowmobile vacations and resort cabin rentals in Vilas County near beautiful Land O' Lakes Wisconsin.