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Phil’s Reports

Scarecrow Fest

Phelps Annual Scarecrow Fest this weekend on Saturday, September 14 make sure to make a stop there to enjoy everything there is to offer. Good way to welcome Fall!

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Summer coming to an end

As we start to approach the end of summer, we have some openings and time for others to come join us. So if you haven’t made your vacation plans for a trip up north there is still time. Look forward to seeing everyone!  Come join us over Labor Day weekend we still have openings!

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Record Breakfast

What a record breakfast day today. It must of been everyone taking his/her father’s out to eat. Thank you everyone for joining us for a delicious Sunrise Breakfast!

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Father’s Day

Appreciate your Father, because in the blink of an eye he may be taken away from you. Take your Father out for a day on the lake, a cookout, or something he enjoys to do!

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