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Season Report

News Flash

Ice is off the lake for everyone that has been following! We are working on getting the docks in, but dang it all it’s a cold one today

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weather forecast

Looks like some beautiful weather coming our way the next few days. High’s maybe reaching into the 70s tomorrow and low 60s on Thursday. Today doesn’t look half bad either nothing but sunshine and blue skies currently

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It’s April 11th today and the wind is crazy and it is SNOWING out…c’mon mother nature keep this sh%t to yourself nobody wants snow anymore

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April showers

It’s April 5th, now my question is: who the h*ll saw the robin and reported it? We got snow overnight and enough to put a coverage back on the ground. Please spring just show up!

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The wind is wicked out there today, be safe friends. Stay warm and enjoy the beauty the northwoods has to offer!

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