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next 5 days of weather

Monday, April 12 — high of 50 low of 32 ; chance of rain Tuesday, April 13 — high of 44 low of 29 Wednesday, April 14 — high of 44 low of 29 Thursday, April 15 — high of 49 low of 28 Friday, April 16 — high of 52 low of 31

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april 11

It’s April 11 and the main dock is already in. Will be working on the south dock this week. If this isn’t the earliest the ice has been out then I don’t know

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5 day weather

Tuesday, March 30th — high of 41; low of 16 Wednesday, March 31th — high of 25; low of 13 Thursday, April 1st — high of 41; low of 22 Friday, April 2nd — high of 53; low of 34 Saturday, April 3rd — high of 61; low of 31

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Maple Syrup Fest

Phelps Maple Syrup Fest is on!! Come see what it is all about, it’s happening on Saturday, April 10th, 2021! Come stay at Sunrise Lodge for a weekend getaway! Two nights lodging, 2 breakfast’s, delicious Chocolate Chip cookies, enjoy the peace and quiet the Northwood’s has to offer ALL for $99 per person plus tax!!…

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5 day weather report

Monday, March 22 — high of 58 low of 38 Tuesday, March 23 — high of 50, low of 40; chance of rain Wednesday, March 24 — high of 48, low of 23; chance of light rain Thursday, March 25 — high of 39, low of 19 Friday, March 26 — high of 35, low…

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Busy weekend of fishing

Lots of ice fishermen and women this weekend…talked to a few different groups and they were catching lots of fish (maybe not all big, but they were having fun in the process). Said getting out there was fairly easy, a lot of ATV traffic, seen some vehicles, and snowmobiles. Saw quite a few walking out…

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